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WRDJ 93.5 FM is an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Merritt Island, Florida.
Broadcasting since 2006, WRDJ airs good, solid Bible teaching, contemporary christian music and area focused local news.

WRDJ is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station. Operating expenses are paid primarily by the people of Calvary Chapel Merritt Island. Other funding is provided by underwriters: organizations who donate to Calvary Chapel Merritt Island and designate the money to "WRDJ". In exchange for the donation, WRDJ airs a 30-second announcement, acknowledging the financial support and providing information about the organization.

To give to WRDJ, just follow the link below to the CCMI giving page and select "WRDJ" in the funds selection.

For more information about underwriting, you can contact us through the form provided below or call us at the number provided.


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WRDJ - 93.5 FM

3500 North Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, Fl 32953
(321) 453-6779



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