Monday - Friday

5:00am A Daily Walk - John Randall
5:30am Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias
6:00am Turning Point - David Jeremiah
6:30am The Word For Today - Chuck Smith
7:00am Sound Truth - Malcolm Wild
7:30am According To The Scriptures - Damian Kyle
8:00am Fool's Wisdom - Alwyn Wall
8:30am Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias, 
8:45am Fishing Report (THU, FRI) - Tom White
9:00am Enduring Word - David Guzik
9:30am A Sure Foundation - David Rosales
10:00am The Living Word - Danny Hodges     
10:30am Straight From The Heart - Joe Focht
11:00am Through the Bible - J. Vernon McGee
11:30am Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries
12:00pm The Connection - Skip Heitzig
12:30pm Sandy Adams Radio & Music - Sandy Adams
1:00pm Living Foundations - Jim Stewart
1:30pm Boldly Speaking - Ron Dozler
2:00pm Revival Radio - John Miller
2:30pm Step By Step - Jim Gallagher
3:00pm Bridging The Gap - Lloyd Pulley
3:45pm Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias
4:00pm Chapter & Verse Radio - Mike MacIntosh
4:30pm Straight From The Heart - Joe Focht

5:00pm Sound Truth - Malcolm Wild
5:30pm The Word For Today - Chuck Smith
6:00pm A Loving Word - Razz Vazquez
6:30pm Music
6:45pm Fishing Report (THU, FRI) - Tom White
7:00pm Music (MON, TUE, THU, FRI)
7:20pm Live Church Service - Calvary Chapel Merritt Island(WED)
8:00pm According To The Scripture - Damian Kyle
8:30pm Jesus Is Real - Daniel Fusco
9:00pm On The Level - Pancho Juarez
9:30pm Bridging The Gap - Lloyd Pulley
10:00pm Chapter & Verse Radio - Mike MacIntosh
10:30pm Through The Word - Richard Cimino
11:00pm Somebody Loves You Radio - Raul Ries
11:30pm Real Radio - Jack Hibbs
12:00am Sound Truth - Malcolm Wild
1:00am The Connection - Skip Heitzig
2:00am Through The Bible - J. Vernon McGee, followed by Music
3:00am Study the Word - Thom Keller
3:30am Sound Truth - Malcolm Wild
4:00am Music